For SFA, who exports 96% of its production around the globe, respecting legislation is of the utmost importance. The legal department supplies all of the documents needed for products handled by the company and purchased from the company. It also implements a legal watch, to keep up to date with the latest evolutions in legislation.

SFA respects the various European Directives:
- The Directive on dangerous substances and preparations, which defines the different safety symbols, allowing for greater precautions when handling products and labelling the products it sells.
- The European Cosmetics Directive
- REACH: European regulations pertaining to the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances imported into, or manufactured in, Europe.

SFA also respects international recommendations and Directives :
- IFRA (International Fragrance Association): an organisation that analyses the ingredients in a scented product and recommends dosages for each type of finished product. It sometimes even bans the use of certain substances.
- The Directives in each country or zone, mainly Japan, Canada, the United States, the members of ASEAN in South-East Asia, and Australia.

On request, SFA also adapts to other local and lesser known rules, and to the specs. and special requirements of its clients.

SFA is a member of :
- PRODAROM, French syndicate of flavoured goods manufacturers
- UIC, the chemical industries' union
- FEBEA, the federation of beauty businesses (equivalent of EFFA on a national scale)
- EFFA, the European Flavour and Fragrance.

In this context, and respecting all of these rules, the necessary documents are available from the legal department:
- Data Sheet: states the organoleptic properties of the composition (colour, smell, appearance, etc) as part of sampling
- Hazard Sheet: identifies the potential dangers of a perfume and ranks 16 safety criteria
- Analysis Form: for an order, it goes over the criteria on the Data Sheet in even greater detail; it specifies the batch number for product traceability
- IFRA certificate: gives dosage recommendations
- Cosmetic compliance certificate
- Allergen certificate for cosmetics in Europe
- Safety certificate for finished product
- VOC (Volatiles Organic Compounds)
- Plus any other document or certificate at the client's request.

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