SFA creates, manufactures and sales scented compositions, also named concentrates, which are subsequently incorporated into its industrialist clients' finished goods: fine perfumery (containing alcohol or alcohol-free), cosmetics, home fragrance and decorative items, luxury soaps, etc.
The top-quality raw materials used by SFA offer the company's perfume designers the best means of expression for composing rich formula that generate powerful and subtle emotions.
The working methodology at SFA is as simple as it is effective: listening to you carefully, getting involved in the creative process as early as possible in order to make the right choices, and creating authentic products that will be successful in your markets. To this end, SFA favours fruitful exchanges and pooling of expertise. This is the method that has built SFA's reputation.
« I love good Mediterranean cuisine and travel. My favourite colour is deep and mysterious midnight blue.» Sébastien Fligier - perfumeur
« I'm also a musician and admit to a passion for chocolate. My favourite colour? The shade of blue that inspires dreams, the blue of southern seas… »
Patrick Bodifée - perfumeur

Once a perfume designer has created a formula, all of the ingredients are weighed and blended then the mixture is reassessed by the perfume designer. Several readjustments may be necessary before the best result is obtained, ready to be presented to the client.

An olfactory pyramid is the interpretive illustration of a composition. Applying pictures to an olfactory concept that is often abstract, it constitutes a very useful marketing tool for presenting the composition. It makes discussions with the client easier, to reconcile the client's wishes and the demands of the market.

Top notes
The most volatile notes, the notes that blossom first

Middle notes
They define the character of an olfactory composition

Base notes
The most persistent notes, those that evolve and last the longest
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