In the Middle Ages, Grasse was the economic center of eastern Provence; it boasted many tanneries, a great deal of capital, and numerous skills. Its leathers enjoyed huge renown. The fashion for scenting leather, which came from Italy, had a purpose: to mask the imperfections of tanning and its unpleasant residual odours. In the 15th and 16th centuries, scented gloves were all the rage. Maria de Medici owned 300 pairs! When the fashion for scented leather wore out, Grasse still managed to keep its perfumeries running.
The climate in the Grasse region was very favourable for growing flowers and aromatic plants. Its growers were excellent botanists, grafting and acclimatising jasmine and cassia from India, bitter orange from Asia Minor, centifolia rose from the Caucasus, tuberose from Mexico and mimosa from Australia. Special techniques were developed locally for extracting fragrances – such as enfleurage, which has certain advantages over distillation for obtaining more subtle fragrances.
Out of this age-old tradition in Grasse evolved a veritable perfume "culture", founded on authentic and true products.
In 1963, Rodrigue ROMANI, a professional perfume designer and outstanding nose, set up his research laboratory and perfume studio in Grasse. His daughter, Viviane ROMANI, joined the business in 1966, followed by her husband, Charles CARUSO, in 1982.
In 2011, almost 50 years later, SFA ROMANI is proud of its track record of outstanding growth. The company has always managed to stand out thanks to its creativity and the quality of its products. It contributes to its clients' success by sharing its extensive expertise and respecting cultural differences.
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